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La Boca - King Kong Posters

I was on it’s nice that doing my normal morning blog trawl and I came across these amazing looking posters designed by La Boca, we also discovered that they are the genius behind the Higamos Hogamos artwork from a few years back. A weird but amazing record. Check out the work below, whilst listening to the track! 

Below is the 12” Vinyl artwork for Higamos Hogamos as well, for your 1970’s prog rock-esque viewing pleasure!

Check out more work from La Boca here

A poster our Max designed for the Suffer Like G Did and Delta Sleep tour. Check out these great bands. 

Twerk Hard or Go Home

'Twerking Hard? Or Hardly Twerking'

Our latest poster inspired by the numerous conversations we have had in our office about Miley Cyrus and her Twerking ways. It was a distraction from work at one point so as a homage to that we made this.



Thanks Miley, we hope you like it.

A3 Posters, Black on coloured stock. Limited run Riso prints.